torsdag 5 mars 2009

sculpturing:Group dynamics and form sensing development.

In february we had three days form workshop with sculpture artist Bosse Andersson.
During these days we produced and learned more that we thought was possible, thanks to a relaxed and hands on (learning by doing) course.
We arrived in the mornings to Bo's house in the countryside close to Stockholm. Every workshop day started with a warm up in Bo's kitchen where we had coffee while discussing form and life and how to shape this day's form exercises.

DAY 1: Right from the start we worked with a familiar form: a portrait. This is an interesting and never ending exercise and form discussion. We all know the human bodies and faces so well. But when we start working with the volumes, we discover that our way to look upon ourselves is very much conducted(styrd) by attributes, predjudice and a 2 dimensional way of looking at things.

A portrait is not a look alike thing, it is a
caracter alike creation!
When working with this at first thought very familiar shape, we discovered the problem of volume. It is very easy to start by focusing on the parts of the head that we communicate most with: the face. This approach might form a front of the head, but the idea of a portrait is much more: The shape and volume of the whole form creates the base of the portrait and a base for proportions. Therefore, it might be a good idea to start with the overall idea, not focusing on the details to begin with.

When finished with the clay portraits we covered them with plaster to make a form to use for the concrete -gjutning.While waiting for the plaster to dry, we changed material from clay and plaster to wood and glue.
Clay, gips (plaster?), concrete, wood and glue: The material that we use conduct the pace of the work.

Time ran away. Focused work with high although relaxed intensity produced happiness, togetherness, skills, finished portraits and desire for more.

DAY 2:
Day 2 started by uncovering the plaster form so that we would be able to mold the heads in concrete. Watch the "hacking">>

When that was done we could do the molding.
Watch Molding action >>

The concrete needs at least three days to dry, so we continued working in wood
and glue, finishing that version of the portraits.
Some of us (Anna and Tove) explored working in metal as well.

A beautiful and nice
tasting lunch break, necessary for the creativity.

Day 3.

Bosse starting the form discussion looking at Anna's sculptures.